About Me

My history as a doctor and a homeopath

Born in Mumbai, India and with both parents as medical practitioners, and a grandmother as a homeopath, I grew up with medicine around me. From an early age I was fortunate to be able to appreciate the difference in the basic principles as well as the scope and limitations of both modern medicine and homeopathic medicine. I also witnessed how both could be used in conjunction to improve the health of the patient.

I qualified as a homeopath in India after doing my Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S) in 1993. After five and half years of  full time intensive training, I gained experience for a year  in the Institute of Clinical Research of Homeopathy (I.C.R) in India. My term as a junior resident doctor helped sharpen my clinical skills.

I had an opportunity to study under the guidance of some of the most eminent homeopaths namely Dr Praful Barvalia, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Dr Farokh Master and Dr G. Vithoulkas. Dr Barvalia is still my teacher and guide and I owe my sincere gratitude to him for his efforts.

In 1995, I started my first independent clinic in Mumbai, India. Subsequently I moved to Dublin, Ireland and began my practice in 2000. Since 2009 I was practicing in Alwoodley, Leeds, UK until I moved to Swansea (Wales) in August 2015. I am in process of settling down in my new home and soon wish to begin my practice here, continuing with my old patients from Dublin and Leeds.

Teaching has been my second passion. I have taught and conducted undergraduate courses in Dublin and U.K. Presently, I am the Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Homeopathy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester.

I have been approached for offering treatment for varied complaints, some of them being:

  • allergies
  • hayfever
  • migraines
  • asthma
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • eczema
  • IBS
  • Crohns
  • ulcerative colitis
  • female disorders, etc

I am a registered member of ARH (Alliance of Registered Homeopath). I am insured and abide by ARH code of ethics and practice.

I am also a member of Leeds Homeopaths (LH) - a group of registered homeopaths working together to promote the benefits of Homeopathy in Leeds.

I am a trustee member of Dosti Asian Women's Support Service.

I have participated as a lecturer in the International Irish Conference and also aired a debate on Homeopathy on RTE channel Big Bite Nov 2004. I conduct yearly Homeopathic educational trips to India for my students.