Homeopathy is a gentle, non toxic, non-addictive line of medical treatment.

Homeopathic prescription unlike modern medicine is not entirely based on the disease diagnosis. It is a tailor made medicine for each individual seeking help. It gives importance to the cause of illness, conditions which cause aggravation or relieving factors and its effect on an emotional plane. Homeopathy treats the person and not just the expression of disease.

Pre-consultation - I will send out a patient medical history form to be filled in. It gives me a chance to collect detailed information about your childhood, vaccination and milestones as well as your current illness and its progress.

Medical History (Adult)

Medical History (Child)

The first consultation

For ACUTE illness, the consultation is usually short lasting approx 30 minutes. The main focus is on the chief complaint and its effects. Remedy will be prescribed for quick relief of symptoms.

For CHRONIC / RECURRENT illness, consultation can last up to 90 minutes. It involves detailed questioning regarding present and past illnesses. It also involves a discussion about your personality, diet, lifestyle and its associated stresses. Based on the above information a homeopathic medicine will be prescribed.

Instruction For Patient Taking L M Potency

Treatment Instruction For The Patients

Follow up appointment

To assess the progress and response to treatment you will be booked in for a follow up appointment in about 3 to 6 weeks. Once optimal health is attained, patients are advised annual follow up.