Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

How does homeopathy work?
Human body has an immune system which protects us from disease to keeps us healthy. However if a disease persists or recurs, it can lead to distress of your daily life. Homeopathic medicines (also called remedies) assist to strengthen this immune system which is the key to your health. These remedies work in removing the root cause of the problem, without suppressing disease and hence restoring the disturbed balance.


What are remedies made from and how are they administered?
Most common Homeopathic remedies are made mainly from natural sources like plants, minerals, animals and their products. Examples – remedies are made from calendula plant, common salt (NaCl), bee and snake venom.

They are made in Special Regulated Pharmacies by using a standardized process of dilution and succession (a form of vigorous shaking and centrifugal rotational movement).The above technique releases the healing energy of the inert substance and enhances its curative strength. It make the substance safe, non-toxic and without side effects. To make it easy to ingest, the medicated liquid is poured on sweet sucrose or lactose pills. They can be dispensed in the form of liquid, pills, tablets, powder or rubbed topically.


What is the basic principle on which Homeopathy is based on?
Homeopathy is based on the principle of like cures like or Law of Similars. Example: drinking too much coffee can cause sleeplessness, agitation and palpitations, but when made into the homeopathic remedy Coffee it may be used to treat people with insomnia, panic nervous attacks. This law states that substance that can cause a disease can also relieve it. This concept is sometimes used in conventional medicine, for example, the stimulant Ritalin is used to treat patients with ADHD, or small doses of allergens such as pollen are sometimes used to de-sensitize allergic patients. However, one major difference with homeopathic medicines is that substances are used in ultra high dilutions, which makes them non-toxic.

It has been widely used around the world for over 200 years. Homeopathy is one of the five government recognized Group One Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM) - these are, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractic and herbal medicine. Homeopathy can be accessed through the NHS. There are 5 NHS funded homeopathic hospitals in the UK.


Who can take Homeopathic Treatment?
All age groups including newborn, children, adult, pregnant women and the elderly can safely use Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines have no adverse effects and can be taken with other conventional drugs.

Patients not responding well to conventional multidrug treatment or experiencing lot of side effects can also opt for Homeopathy. Caution will be taken before advising alteration with their current medication.


What is the duration of treatment?
The duration of treatment depends on diagnosis, severity and duration of the disease. Usually after the first consultation a rough assessment of length of the treatment will be made.


Is Homeopathy Scientifically Proven?
Although it is widely acknowledged that more research is needed, the balance of evidence so far suggests – without question that homeopathy can be a clinically effective and safe treatment option.

Click on a heading below to explore the evidence base piece by piece, or for research information to take away go to the Research Downloads page


Will my health insurance contribute towards Homeopathic fees?
The following Insurance Companies cover Homeopathy. Insurance Policies can be very individually priced and so I would recommend that you check with your provider before commencing treatment.

Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund
Gamgee House
2 Darnley Road
Birmingham B16 8TE
0121 454 3601

Foresters House
Cromwell Avenue
Bromley B2 9BF
08457 990099

Health Shield
Electra House
Crewe Business Park
Cheshire CW1 6HS
01270 588555

Norwich Union Health Insurance
Norwich Union Healthcare
Chilworth House
Hampshire Corporate Park
Templars Way, Eastleigh
Hampshire SO53 3RY
0870 9001035

Patient Aid Association
Paycare House
George Street
Wolverhampton WV2 4DX
01902 371000

Mill Island, Fermoy
County Cork
Republic of Ireland
(025) 42134
Simply Health
(comprises HSA, BCWA,
Healthsure, LHF and Totally Active)

Hambleden House
Waterloo Court
Hampshire SP10 1LQ
0800 980 7890

Westfield Health Scheme
Westfield House
87 Division Street
Sheffield S1 1HT
Sales enquiries: 0845 602 1629
Customer helpline: 0114 250 2000
Textphone: 0114 250 2020
Fax: 0114 272 4950