The testimonials below are voluntarily given by my patient describing their personal experience with homeopathic treatment.

"Our son Prashad had eczema and very sensitive skin. He would even react to the emollients. We tried various types of skin emollients and short courses of steroids with no much improvement. Every week we used to visit our GP and ended up frustrated. That was the time one of our friends recommended Dr.Vaishali Shah. In couple of consultation with her and in few weeks of starting the treatment, we noticed improvement in Prashad's skin condition. Dr.Vaishali Shah is very understanding and kind by nature. She even gave us the composition of the medications she prescribed which made us to trust her fully. We are quite pleased with the result and his skin is flawless now. It is amazing to see no scratch marks on his skin. Eczema is one of the commonest skin problems in children and I am sure there will be lots of parents out there struggling to get it sorted for their children. I strongly recommend Dr.Vaishali Shah. She also does skype consultations for those who are far to visit her in person for consultation. Few of my friends have benefited that way as well"

-- Dr K A (MD Peadiatrics), Leeds, UK



"Eight months ago I went to see Dr Shah after she was recommended to me. I have several health problems, the main one being Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I've had this condition for seven years and found it very painful and debilitating. I stopped taking all my medication and relied totally on Dr Shah's homeopathic remedy. I couldn't believe how successful it was, I haven't felt this well in years! Each time I had a flare-up she managed successfully to bring me out of it without resorting to toxic drugs, it's been amazing, she is amazing! I also had an acoustic neuroma removed four years ago and had been left with the most horrendous headaches, within weeks the headaches had gone. 

My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner! Thank you Dr Shah, you've given me my life back."

-- Mrs. P R, Leeds, UK



"My teenage son, Sam, was a patient of Dr Vaishali Shah for about a year in 2008/9. Previous to this, he had been attending our local GP for nearly a year and had been prescribed different medication which had no effect, and had even undergone a colonoscopy (which showed up nothing) for the severe stomach pain he was suffering from.

I had no experience of homeopathy, but was desperate to find something to help my son. From our first visit, Dr Shah spent a long time talking to Sam, and myself, in an effort to help him. She gave him a prescription and followed up the first consultation with a few more visits over time. My son had been suffering from severe pain occasionally, and also more general ongoing pain, but within a few weeks, both had gone. Sometimes, the bad pain would come back, but a quick visit to Dr Shah sorted this out immediately. Sam trusted her completely, as I did.

I was dismayed to hear that Dr Shah was leaving Dublin, in case I would need her again, but in fact Sam has been absolutely fine since that time. He had become introverted and anxious, but two years later I feel that he is a happy, confident teenager, and has had no recurrence of his stomach pain.

I would highly recommend Dr Shah to anyone, and wish her the best in her practice in the future”

-- M. Storey, Dublin, Ireland



When my first child was born with severe brain damage I can honestly say the best thing that happened was being introduced to homeopathy by another mother in similar circumstances. Children with severe physical disabilities often have many medical problems and are prone to all types of infections. My daughter was regularly on antibiotics. She seemed to have no immune system. She is now 22 years old and enjoys good health; it is a rare occurrence for her to require an antibiotic. When she was born the medical opinion at the time did not expect her to survive beyond a year and I have not doubt that homeopathy has contributed hugely not only to her survival but also to a much better quality of life. That in turn means a better quality of life for all the family. Children who are constantly ill can cause huge stress in a family due to worry and time spent caring at an intense level.

I have also used homeopathy for myself and the rest of my children with very good results. I guess what impresses me most about homeopathic medicine is the way a person is listened to and then the whole person is treated not just a symptom of an illness.

When my first homeopathic doctor retired I felt bereaved. However after some time Dr Vaishali Shah was recommended to me. I found Dr Shah to have a very warm nature and from the beginning she was not only very capable and knowledgeable but also most understanding and approachable. I never felt I had to be on my guard in any way as she is so non judgmental Her interest and focus is to improve the health and well being of her patients and to help you work towards this.”

-- M. Rice, Dublin, Ireland



“Dr Shah was our homeopath from 2006 until 2009 when she moved from Dublin to the UK.My daughter Emilia, who is 8 now, was always down with either urinary infection or viral infection of respiratory tract. I took Emilia to Dr Shah after our GP prescribed an antihistamine together with the third antibiotic in a row within a period of two months. My daughter’s reaction to the treatment prescribed by Dr Shah was always positive. My son Vojin, who is 3 ½ now, usually had the infections of respiratory tract and stomach upsets. He also has tight foreskin and is due for an operation. Dr Shah also treated his foreskin infections successfully. I myself received the treatment from the Doctor when I was pregnant with my son and when the scars from previous abdominal operations were very painful. Dr Shah is a very good doctor who pays attention to every little detail concerning her patients. Her advice was always precise and so well explained that even my daughter, who was very young at the time, realized how important it was to follow it.

The Doctor was always ready to see my children when they were ill, even during the weekends and holidays and I always appreciated the fact that she made a follow up call to enquire about their health.

It was a privilege to have a doctor who made me feel safe and whose diagnose and treatment I did not have to question or enquire about at all.”

-- R. Stankovic



“I am very fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Vaishali Shah for many years. During this time she has taken great care of me and of all aspects of my health. I had suffered from a severe digestive disorder since birth which caused recurring discomfort, pain and bloating, resulting in frequently being very unwell and ending up with reflux of the oesophagus. Conventional treatments over the years never really made any improvement or dealt with the disorder. Dr Shah regulated this problem over a period of time through homeopathic treatments and dietary advice and it was remarkable to experience the improvement in my health.

I also suffered from a chronic sinus condition and at one stage extremely severe headaches. Again, Dr. Shah successfully treated these conditions as she did any of the health problems that I went to her with. I have never taken antibiotics since I became her patient. Her care has made a great difference to the quality of my life and it is wonderful to gradually over the years, experience general good health as a norm.

I would hope to have the good fortune to continue to be under her care for as long as she maintains a practice.”

-- Niamh, Dublin, Ireland



“I visited Dr. Vaishali Shah in the summer of 2011. At very short notice and despite having a sick child at home, she made me feel very welcome and took a genuine interest in my situation .Her manner was thorough yet reassuring. After consultation she prescribed a homeopathic remedy that I like to think was instrumental in narrowly averting quite major surgery. She made no claims that this was a magic cure, and was not opposed to the NHS, but seemed confident that it would go some way to calming inflamed tissue.

My condition did resolve and I was relieved that I had trusted her instinct, to try this remedy.I would not hesitate to recommend Vaishali; indeed I may use her again in the future, should mainstream medicine appear too drastic.”

-- S. Christie, Leeds, UK



“I went to Dr Shah, as a year prior, I had been in hospital (intensive care) and had been fortunate enough to recover from ulcerative colitis and severe salmonella, without having my entire colon removed. (My family and I persuaded the surgeons to hold off).  However, my recovery was slow and even a year on I was exhausted and struggling with daily life. I have a great job, but it was wearing me out.  I was still bleeding and felt full and bloated all of the time and was far from having clarity of thought.

I went to see Dr Shah and she was very thorough and asked me a wide range of questions.  She was very friendly and approachable and the fact that she has trained as a doctor gave me great comfort. 

I unfortunately came down with clostridium difficile mid-way through homeopathic treatment due to some antibiotics I took abroad.  However, after this episode, over a 6 month period and only one appointment per month, my health has gone from strength to strength.  No more bleeding, no more pain, much less tiredness, clarity of thought – i in effect, Dr Shah has given me my life back.  

Even for a simple cold she has a remedy. Thank you sincerely.

-- Claire, Manchester, UK